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We can help you crack a creative concept, fast. Having worked on some of the country's biggest brands for more than a decade, we apply through-the-line thinking on big and small briefs. You know what your company objectives are, we'll turn these into a compelling story that works harder, engages your audience and remains in the minds of your consumers long after they've come into contact with your brand.

Brand Building

Finding the right words is key to building a successful, consistent brand and “brand-love”. Maybe you know who your target market is, maybe you don’t. Maybe it’s changed and now you’re a bit hmm what to do? We can help you figure out who you are, what your core benefits are, how you talk to people, who your competitors are, how you act and how you don’t. We’ll help you figure out where you’re going and what sets you apart because strong brands have a clear, unique positioning in the market.


We can help you find the right words to tell your brand's story. We do everything from websites, point-of-sale, leaflets, brochures, proofreading, advertorials, press releases, radio, TV, AV scripts, to social media. And pretty much anything else you can think of. Copywriters are problem solvers so we’ll also suggest a creative way to do the above, because really, who reads leaflets?

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Our Story

We work remotely and believe in less time spent having meetings and more time focussing on creative output. Our tailor-made small, medium and large packages and retainers are perfect for those looking for exceptional marketing collateral, fast. Our relationships last and we pride ourselves on delivering for clients who want the benefits of a cloud-based brand building when it suits them.  
We’ve spent over a decade in the advertising industry working on SA’s biggest brands. But now we’re more interested in helping small businesses (the butcher, the baker, the craft beer maker) find their tone of voice, from the store to website to the ambient world of social media and beyond.

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Clients Say

We have worked with WordBox for over 4 years. Jean’s insights and expertise have been invaluable to us and our clients. Jean has mastered the art of simplicity. As a strategist, she’s helped define concepts, brainstorm ideas and then in the end, neatly package them in the right words.

Every single project has been delivered on schedule (even when we asked for huge favours with very tight deadlines).

In all my years in advertising I have never come across a creative as professional, talented and dedicated as Jean.

She is one of those rare people who can think strategically and execute creatively. I highly recommend that you make her part of your team, you’ll never look back.

Jean is just brilliant. Her writing skills and techniques have helped us capture the essence of our business on our website, social media platforms, in our newsletters and so much more.

She has been an immeasurable help to us. We highly recommend her for her creativity, work ethic and skills. Even when we have come to her with very little information, she manages to turn it into something great.

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